Announcing Bit Raid

Usually it takes me 3-5 months to release a game as I usually go for slightly “complex” games. I did something different this time. I took part in a 48 hour game jam, which means I was forced to do something very simple.

Bit Raid

Give a warm welcome to “Bit Raid” :) a retro classic with a single tap input mechanic. I am happy that it turned out pretty decent in terms of gameplay, fun factor and replayability.


Get it on Google Play

You control the Bit-Shield that hops from edge to edge with a tap. Your objective is to crush the Bit-Bombs that are coming in to take out your Bit-Base while letting it collect Bit-Gold. Simple enough! but it gets progressively hard.

Coming soon to Windows 8 and iOS.

Video Trailer

Hyper Cell – RELEASED

Hyper Cell

Get ready for the ride of your life. Hyper Cell is a minimalist survival platformer. You wake up in a cell, you don’t remember who you are and how you got there. Survive this psychedelic maze that beats to the rhythm of the music. The hardcore music tracks in this addictive 3d platformer will keep you hooked. You have not seen thrilling action like this before! BEWARE, this game is only for the brave. Multiple types of Laser beams, traps, canons, seeking missiles are going to be difficult and challenging to evade but checkpoints will help you along the way. Be prepared to die over and over and over!



Download Hyper Cell Windows 8.1

Download Hyper Cell for Windows 8.1

Download Hyper Cell Windows Phone 8

Download Hyper Cell for Windows Phone 8

Get it on Google Play

Download Hyper Cell for Android

Hyper Cell can be played with touch input (Android / Windows Phone 8 / Windows 8.1) as well as using a Keyboard (Windows 8.1 – left/right arrow, space bar, escape key). Hyper Cell is coming soon to iOS.

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3 Million Downloads

So finally, I crossed 3 million downloads on Windows Phone. Thanks to the Windows Phone community, DVLUP program, Microsoft/Nokia Developer Evangelists and Technical Evangelists who helped tremendously and all fellow developers who inspired me to do better. Thanks to DVLUP program for awarding me with the LEGEND status for over a million downloads in last 6 months.

3 million downloads

3 million downloads

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Super Polygon released

Super Polygon

Excited to announce my latest game Super Polygon – released for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1. 
Super Polygon
Download Super Polygon for Windows 8.1




Super Polygon is a twitchy, hypnotic music-rhythm based game that looks deceptively simple but is hard to master. This is the game you need to zone out and lose yourself in the minimalist action mechanic beating to the music. You will get trapped in complex polygon patterns, repeatedly die and get frustrated. But you will rejoice when you figure out the patterns and how to navigate the treacherous polygon world. This is not Flappy bird, this is some hard core stuff. So zone in or zone out… and get ready for addictive gameplay.

Super OctagonSuper PentagonSuper Hexagon

First check out the tutorial/learn mode, choose the visual theme you like and then get down to it. Prove yourself in Super Square, Super Pentagon, Super Hexagon and Super Octagon and put your best score on the online leaderboard.

Super Polygon is inspired from the hit iOS/Android game Super Hexagon by Terry Cavanagh, but it differentiates itself in poly-patterns, level structure, visual themes and adds an Octagon mode.

Lessons in Mobile App Monetization

I published my first app on Windows Phone in September 2011 right with the release of WP7.1 Mango :) Woohoo achievement unlocked! Since I had been programming in Microsoft Technologies for over a decade, programming the app was not difficult at all. Microsoft has so much available in terms of information/documentation, code samples, MSDN blogs AND then third party dev-logs, podcasts; its very hard to NOT find what you are looking for. I was just being lazy and waited till a year after the Windows Phone was launched. I wish DVLUP was around back then to motivate and guide us :)

I was so very proud of my first game “Air Soccer Tour” till I realized – I didn’t have the slightest clue what monetization meant. I had released the first version of the game for FREE, without even thinking about the monetization aspect. So for the next update, I thought no biggie, I will just browse the blogs and samples and figure it out in a day. Well it turned out to be a very tricky subject, the more I read about it, the more confusing it got. Monetizing an app is black magic, I read somewhere :)

Air Soccer Tour was later discontinued due to change in developer account and an improved version “Air Soccer Fever” was released in April 2012.

So far, I have released 3 games on Windows Phone with a 4th game in progress. I have ported those 3 games to Windows 8 and 2 of them to Android as well. I know that’s not a lot for 2+ years in the field but my day job is very demanding :) so I try to manage time for my hobby/passion as much as possible!

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