HoloLens – Development Begins

I finally received my HoloLens DevKit a few days ago and I am blown away. its a marvelous piece of hardware and software especially for being a 1st version Developer Device. The applications of this technology are endless and the future seems very bright.

To understand the basic concepts of Gaze, Gesture, Voice commands, Spatial Sound, Spatial Mapping and Shared Holograms, I have started a small prototype project – Holo Tanks – bringing tank battles to your living room.

Here is a few hours of progress:

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Windows Phone Ad Network Review part 2

This is part 2 of Ad Network review for Windows Phone platform. Revenue/eCPM numbers for last month (30 days) for these games.

See Part 1 here

Microsoft Pubcenter

Smaato Ad
Vserv Mobi

Google Admob


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Super Polygon for Android and iOS

After a major update to Super Polygon on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1, Super Polygon is now available on Android and iOS. With Super Octagon, Hexagon, Pentagon, Square and Shape Shifting Polygon modes, 4 Visual themes, 3 Visual effects, 6 original Sound tracks and new poly patterns. Free to play with some in-app purchases.

Download from iTunes App Store

Download from Google Play Store 

Download from Windows Phone Store

Download from Windows Store

spu5-octa spu5-hexa spu5-penta2

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Air Soccer Fever – released on iOS

A very big milestone for me. My first game for iOS has been released. Air Soccer Fever, already a hit game on Windows Store and Google Play (4 million downloads) is now also available on AppStore  with true cross-platform online multiplayer gameplay. Play Air Soccer Fever for FREE on iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch.

Let the multiplayer battles begin.



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Air Soccer Fever – big update


Air Soccer Fever was first implemented in XNA/MonoGame for Windows Phone 7. I took the plunge and ported Air Soccer Fever to Unity3D engine. This helped with releasing a great update for Windows Phone 8, Windows 8.1, Android and iOS.


Play realtime online multiplayer soccer with anyone in the world. Currently at 4.5 million downloads across Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Android and thousands of players playing online.





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Super Polygon v1.5 released

Released an awesome update for Super Polygon – v1.5 for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1

  • 1 new level – Hyper Polygoner
  • 2 new music tracks
  • brand new menu UI
  • brand new leaderboards
  • performance improvements
  • Now a universal app – in-app-purchase will be shared between WP8 and WIn8.1



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Windows Phone Ad Networks Review

As Indie devs, our apps/games need to be making some money. For those of us who have full time jobs, the revenue should at least cover the development costs. The Ad network market on Windows Phone 8 is limited and unreliable. Here are some numbers from my apps and my rant at the end🙂

Banner Ads

  • Microsoft Pubcenter
    • Fill Rate: 25% to 35%
    • eCPM: $0.40 to $1.50
  • Google Admob
    • Fill Rate: 60% to 80%
    • eCPM: $0.02 t0 $0.10
  • Smaato
    • Fill Rate: 48%
    • eCPM: $0.04
  • Vserv
    • Fill Rate: 60% to 70%
    • eCPM: $0.30 to $0.50

Interstitial Ads

  • Google Admob
    • Fill Rate: 25%
    • eCPM: $0.36
  • Smaato
    • Fill Rate: 65%
    • eCPM: $0.38
  • Vserv
    • Fill Rate: 60% to 70%
    • eCPM: $0.35


In the Banner Ad area, Pubcenter is the BEST option so far. Yes fill rates are low but revenue is not bad. Admob and Smaato have a horrible eCPM but they are a good backfill option. Vserv is OK but it has no inventory in US – some europe and south america inventory. They do limit the revenue for no reason. (more on that later). And when everything else fails, you can go to AdDuplex for cross-promotion.

Whats strange is that I have “Air Soccer Fever” on Google Play as well using Admob. It  has a far better fillrate and eCPM than Admob on Windows Phone.

The good thing is Microsoft finally made the AdMediation system available so we can utilize several ad networks and change % usage without having to re-submit an app update. It would be great IF they would allow for extension of the control so we can add new ad providers in there (Vserv)

In the Interstitial area, the three options I use are similar in eCPM.. but severely lacking in inventory in different regions. So you have to analyze and then utilize the network per region. making money is hard🙂 Still the interstitial eCPM is lower than the Pubcenter’s banner ads which is a shame. Now if Microsoft will just pull its act together and release a direly missing update to pubcenter, it will make all of us happy who are getting jerked around by all these other ad networks.

  • Pubcenter Inetrstitial Image Ads
  • Pubcenter Video Ads

I am not sure whats the issue there.. Windows Phone 8 is more than capable to show Inetrstitials and Video ads. Yes they announced it for Windows 10 Mobile but come on already!!

AND Yes… I have crossed 4 million downloads on Windows Phone.


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