Holo Terrain for HoloLens

Announcing the release of Holo Terrain for #Hololens. Holo Terrain is a 3D Terrain #GIS Visualization tool for Hololens. Experience breathtaking views of our planet at several zoom levels and map styles. Download #HoloTerrain from Windows Store.

For a full portfolio of Hololens projects, please visit my website at Dangling Concepts.




  • Terrain Controls
    • Zoom In/Out – 4 levels
    • Scale Up/Down
    • Pan East/West/North/South
  • Voice Command Enabled UI
  • 5 Terrain/Map Styles
    • Satellite
    • Light
    • Dark
    • Elevation
    • Contrast
  • Search and dynamically load any place in the world


Holo Terrain is powered by #MapBox and #Bing.

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Awesome Features coming to Hololens

Just had a meeting with Microsoft Hololens team and got informed that there are 3 new features coming to Hololens next week.


1. Simulated Input in Unity Play Mode

This is essentially similar to the Hololens Emulator – where you have a window to provide simulated hololens input to the emulator. But starting next week, you wont have to export unity project to visual studio and deploy to emulator. You will have a panel/window within Unity to provide the same simulated input in Unity Play Mode. This will be really beneficial for some initial testing inside Unity – lots of time savings.



2. Unity Remote Debugging for Hololens

This is essentially similar to how Unity allows remote debugging of apps on iOS/Android devices. So starting next week, you will be able to run your app on a Hololens device and connect to it from Unity in Play mode – This means that you will see the Hololens “view” inside your Unity Editor and you can provide input from Unity Editor as well as debug code – again lots of time savings and we finally can get rid of the “debug log panels in Hololens UI”.


3. Hololens Remoting to Windows 10 PC

I am extremely excited about this one. Essentially, your Windows 10 PC becomes the brains for the Hololens device.

Let’s break this down:

  • Develop a Windows 10 UWP app, utilize all the Hololens APIs like you would for any holographic app
  • But deploy and run this app on your Windows 10 PC – YES thats correct
  • Install Hololens Remoting app on your Hololens device (will be released next week)
  • Your Windows 10 PC UWP app will connect to the Hololens Device
  • Voila…. Your Windows 10 PC just became the brains for Hololens
  • All sensor inputs are being sent from the Hololens device to your Windows 10 PC app
  • Your app does all processing on the PC, final render / image is sent over to hololens

This is exciting on so many fronts.. first of all.. All the magic is done over WiFi – so critics jumping on to calling this a tethered experience – hold off!!

Microsoft Hololens Team told us that in their tests they have achieved 60 FPS with all the compression and communication over WiFi – and that is no ordinary feat!

Now lets consider the opportunities:

  • Apps that require more horse power – scientific/medical visualization or complex algorithms – can be offloaded to a PC
  • Apps that require more eye-candy can utilize a stronger GPU/shaders on the PC
  • Additional peripherals attached to the PC can be utilized e.g. Kinect, Leap Motion – any other crazy sensors.

This is a very useful addon to a device that is awesome anyway, of course it should be used IF the project requires it. We have to evaluate the tradeoffs – Will the app in question be more constrained by the processing / gpu power of the Hololens device OR will it get a performance hit due to WiFi latency – and that will depend on the project requirements.

The future is NOW – sorry – I mean next week 😉

PS: All the braniacs may have guessed it, feature 2 is powered by feature 3 🙂

PPS: Shameless plug  – check out my game #HoloTankz on hololens




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HoloLens – Development Begins

I finally received my HoloLens DevKit a few days ago and I am blown away. its a marvelous piece of hardware and software especially for being a 1st version Developer Device. The applications of this technology are endless and the future seems very bright.

To understand the basic concepts of Gaze, Gesture, Voice commands, Spatial Sound, Spatial Mapping and Shared Holograms, I have started a small prototype project – Holo Tanks – bringing tank battles to your living room.

Here is a few hours of progress:

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Windows Phone Ad Network Review part 2

This is part 2 of Ad Network review for Windows Phone platform. Revenue/eCPM numbers for last month (30 days) for these games.

See Part 1 here

Microsoft Pubcenter

Smaato Ad
Vserv Mobi

Google Admob


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Super Polygon for Android and iOS

After a major update to Super Polygon on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1, Super Polygon is now available on Android and iOS. With Super Octagon, Hexagon, Pentagon, Square and Shape Shifting Polygon modes, 4 Visual themes, 3 Visual effects, 6 original Sound tracks and new poly patterns. Free to play with some in-app purchases.

Download from iTunes App Store

Download from Google Play Store 

Download from Windows Phone Store

Download from Windows Store

spu5-octa spu5-hexa spu5-penta2

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Air Soccer Fever – released on iOS

A very big milestone for me. My first game for iOS has been released. Air Soccer Fever, already a hit game on Windows Store and Google Play (4 million downloads) is now also available on AppStore  with true cross-platform online multiplayer gameplay. Play Air Soccer Fever for FREE on iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch.

Let the multiplayer battles begin.



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Air Soccer Fever – big update

Air Soccer Fever was first implemented in XNA/MonoGame for Windows Phone 7. I took the plunge and ported Air Soccer Fever to Unity3D engine. This helped with releasing a great update for Windows Phone 8, Windows 8.1, Android and iOS.


Play realtime online multiplayer soccer with anyone in the world. Currently at 4.5 million downloads across Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Android and thousands of players playing online.





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