Air Soccer v2.0 WP7 Mango game is published!!!

Download Air Soccer Fever with realtime online multiplayer here


Air Soccer V2.0 is published…  we hope you have as much fun playing as we had developing…!


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2 comments on “Air Soccer v2.0 WP7 Mango game is published!!!
  1. Wiz says:

    Great game !
    I found that sometimes it freezes for a couple of moments, and I miss part of the action.
    Other than that, I would only like to have more countries to choose from (my own included)
    I dont suppose it’s difficult to add more choices there. (Hint: All European countries ;))

    • Imran Shafiq says:

      Yeh, its not difficult to add more countries – you dint specifiy which country 🙂 – just want to be sure I dont miss yours. The country count is 42 at the moment, I will compare against FIFA top 50 to see which one am I missing. Or probably check for all playing european countries 🙂
      I have to work on the momentary freeze / jitter that you mentioned alongwith a replay feature and tournament mode for V3. Air Soccer V2 will be published this week (fingers crossed) and will hopefully keep the players (that includes myself) entertained till V3 comes out with the rest of the features and improvements.
      I hope you have submitted a rating on marketplace .. if not, wait for V2 – hoping to get a better rating 🙂

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