Initials marketplace stats for Air Soccer

Air Soccer v1.0 (Wp7 mango game) was released on September 6th, 2011. Its been 3 weeks now. Update: Air Soccer v2.0 is now available at WP7 Mango Marketplace

See UPDATED statistics here: Statistics on September 30th, 2011

Air Soccer is SL+XNA Mango game and uses MS Pubcenter AD Control as well as ADDuplex.

Since its a Mango (WP7 v7.5)  game, only developers are able to download so far. So keeping that in context, here are some initial stats.

  • Total Downloads : 870  (source: AppHub – downloads till september 17th since apphub stats are delayed by 6 days)
  • Top Download Countries: USA – 285, Japan – 262, Hong Kong – 100, Germany – 61
  • Average Daily Active Users: 110 (source: ADDuplex – ADDuplex has a nice UI that shows daily active users, ad impressions etc delayed by 1 day)
  • MS Pubcenter Impressions: 46100
  • MS Pubcenter eCPM: 1.15
  • MS Pubcenter Revenue: 53
  • Total Worldwide Reviews: 24
  • Average Worldwide Rating 8.5 out of 10  (source  – great interface to see reviews)
  • Countries with Average Ratings:  Austria, Germany, HongKong, Hungary, Spain – 10 out of 10       US, UK – 9 out of 10      Japan – 8.4  out of 10
  • Top Reviewing Country: Japan & Germany

Even though ADDuplex is not generating any revenue (lack of commercial ads), It’s great for promoting your wp7 app so I highly recommend using it, and it gives you the daily active user stats 🙂

So, the numbers are not very good, but I think there is some promise considering that Mango is not available to public yet. It will be really interesting to see how the stats grow once Mango is rolled out.  On the other hand I am still unsure if releasing the game beforehand was a good move or not…

Pros:  Got developer feedback early on and released one update within the first week and a second major update was submitted last night.. so when the actual consumers download it, the quality has improved.

Cons: Even if we publish updates, the game will not re-appear in the “NEW GAMES” list, which means less visibility.. because the maximum downloads were in the first 2 days of release i.e. whne Air Soccer was in the NEW list.

Other conclusions: Japenese & Germans love soccer 🙂 and they write reviews about stuff they like 🙂

So for now I am holding off on submitting the second game “Traffic Lights” 🙂

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