Upcoming feature list in Air Soccer – please chime in…

Air Soccer V2.1 is in certification right now and will hopefully be released sometime this week now published!! Download here Air Soccer V2.1 Download Link

In V2, we added scoreloop leaderboard, 12 new soccer fileds and some particle effects. For a sneak peak see this post: Air Soccer V2 sneak peak

We are compiling a list of features to be done for V3 and thank our friends that gave us feedback.

  • Timed match mode – match duration of 1, 3, 5 minutes – team with more goals wins. (contributed by Malte Schulz) – Available in V2.1
  • Tounament mode – Win your way from 16 teams into the finals and win the world cup – In Progress
  • Difficulty/Skill level – should be based on country FIFA ranking especially in tournament mode (contributed by Malte Schulz) – In Progress
  • Better Help/Tutorial screen- add images/animations to help/tutorial page especially for the 2 fouls and general gameplay (contributed by Malte Schulz) – Available in V2.1
  • Goal replay – last 4-5 seconds of the goal scored. (contributed by Peter Obert) – Planned
  • Slow down the speed of the strikers and ball in the “Slow” mode. V2 has Slow/Medium/Fast but I guess players want the Slow to be considerably slow – Available in V2.1
  • Add more countries – european countries specifically – since soccer is popular in europe. (contributed by Wiz) – In Progress
  • WiFi Multi-Player mode OR Blue Tooth Multi-Player mode – Thinking about it 🙂

Please chime in and vote or add new feature requests.. Also wanted to know if the AI in hard mode is hard enough for Ninja players 🙂

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