Air Soccer marketplace statistics after 4 weeks

Air Soccer v1.0 (Wp7 mango game) was released on September 6th, 2011. Its been over 3 weeks now.  Air Soccer v2.0 was released on September 26th.

Since its a Mango (WP 7.5)  game, only developers were able to download so far. So keeping that in context, here are some initial stats.

  • Total Downloads : 2430  (source: AppHub – downloads till september 28th since apphub stats are delayed by 6 days)
  • Top Download Countries: Japan – 667, USA – 626,  Hong Kong – 434, Germany – 169
  • Average Daily Active Users: 270 (source: ADDuplex – ADDuplex has a nice UI that shows daily active users, ad impressions etc delayed by 1 day)
  • MS Pubcenter Impressions: 109487
  • MS Pubcenter eCPM: 1.1
  • MS Pubcenter Revenue: 126
  • Total Worldwide Reviews: 40
  • Average Worldwide Rating 8.6 out of 10  (source  – great interface to see reviews)
  • Countries with Average Ratings:  Austria, Germany, HongKong, Hungary, Spain – 10 out of 10       US, UK – 9 out of 10      Japan – 8.4  out of 10
  • Top Reviewing Country: Japan & Germany

Funniest/Awesome Review : Just spent an hour on the toilet with it 😉

Out of the 8000 registered WP7 developers, 2430 downloads are a decent figure coupled with the fact that we are averaging 270 daily unique active user sessions. However, if we compare that with any pre-mango app, their initial (first 2 days) downloads are usually around 10,000 that gives the app that initial boost/visibility …

We added analytics in V2.0 to see daily game usage, new users, user retention etc (great service by Flurry Analytics) and we see two issues from that data

1. Mango was recently released worldwide – but since we have lost visibility (not in the NEW list anymore) we dont see that initial very high download rate that WP7 apps generally see .. and there is no way Air Soccer can come back in the NEW list.. which I hoped MS could do for early mango adopters.

2. The game update rate (from V1.0 to V2.0) is very slow, I assumed WP7/Marketplace will prompt user to update on application launch, but that was a very ill assumption 🙂 So even though I could develop and add that feature myself, i would hope that users actually update to this version so they can get a prompt on app launch for FUTURE updates. OR I could do a new PRO version of the app since I have planned some new features for V3.0 and release that as another App. Dont know if MS would like that and if users would like that ..

Stay tuned for more updates..  comments/suggestions?

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One comment on “Air Soccer marketplace statistics after 4 weeks
  1. […] See UPDATED statistics here: Statistics on September 30th, 2011 […]

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