Air Soccer v2.1 released and 1-Month statistics

Air Soccer v1.0 (Wp7 mango game) was released on September 6th, 2011. Today marks the 1-month milestone in marketplace.

Air Soccer v2.0 was released on September 26th. Just published Air Soccer v2.1 – available on marketplace.

Few bug fixes in V2.1, Better game-play help screen, Timed-match mode and Visual cue for Goal-block foul was added on request of our german fans.

Since its a Mango (WP 7.5)  game, only developers were able to download it initially. With the Mango release, the market is opening up slowly…

  • Total Downloads : 2725  (source: AppHub – downloads till september 30th since apphub stats are delayed by 6 days)
Country/Region Type Downloads
United States Free 719
Japan Free 706
Hong Kong SAR Free 455
Germany Free 203
United Kingdom Free 145
Russia Free 115
Taiwan Free 87
Italy Free 43
Australia Free 28
France Free 27
Spain Free 21
Canada Free 18
Singapore Free 18
Austria Free 16
Netherlands Free 16
Czech Republic Free 14
Portugal Free 13
  • Air Soccer is in Top 10 Free games in Japan 🙂
  • Average Daily Active Users: 300 (source: ADDuplex – ADDuplex has a nice UI that shows daily active users, ad impressions etc delayed by 1 day)
  • MS Pubcenter Impressions: 196672
  • MS Pubcenter eCPM: 0.84
  • MS Pubcenter Revenue: 178
  • Total Worldwide Reviews: 51
  • Average Worldwide Rating 8.6 out of 10  (source  – great interface to see reviews)
  • Top Reviewing Country: USA, Japan, Germany

Working on the tournament mode. And struggling with an MS AD control bug, game crashes intermittenty on AD Switch, apparently when a mix of picture and text ads are served – and crashing in the US only.. found it after releasing V2.1. So some bug fixes are on the way with the tournament mode.

Stay tuned for more updates..  comments/suggestions?

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