Air Soccer Tour – WP7 Game released

Its been more than a month since Air Soccer v2.1 was released. Have been receving great reviews on the WP7 game and many of the reviewers have been asking for tournament mode.

So here we are, announcing the brand new Air Soccer Tour v3.1.

Ad-free Paid version   Air Soccer Tour

Ad-based FREE version Air Soccer Tour – Free.

Game Play - Air Soccer Tour

Air Soccer Tour has everything that the previous Air Soccer game has and much more. Play the game and enjoy the following NEW features:

1. Brand new menu UI – more polished and exciting

Main Menu - Air Soccer Tour

2. Total of 94 teams available, so hopefully everyone will find there team 🙂

3. 12 exciting soccer fields – traditional plus abstract & 5 soccer balls

Game Play - Air Soccer Tour

4. Timed match mode – 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes per match

5. Goal match mode – 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 goals per match

6. Total of 4 skill levels – Beginner, Amateur, Professional, World Class

Settings - Air Soccer Tour

7. Total of 3 Leaderboards – each available in two modes Global and Country based.

  • Match Leaderboard – scoring based on how many matches won and at what skill level
  • Tournament Leaderboard – scoring based on how many tournament rounds won and what skill level
  • Goal Leaderboard – scoring is basically the number of goals scored

Match Leader Board - Air Soccer Tour

8. Total of 8 achievements to unlock

  • Man Down – win a match when a striker in your team is red carded
  • Dont Blink – score a goal in the very first turn after ball reset (everytime the ball is placed in the center)
  • Gimmee10 – score 10 goals in a timed mode match
  • First Glory – win your first tournament
  • Silver Ball – win 100 matches
  • Silver Boot – score 1000 goals
  • Clean Sheet – win a match without conceding a goal
  • Frequent Flyer – play 1000 matches

9. Team specific crowd Chants – During the game we have special chants for Germany, Spain, England, USA, Japan, Netherlands, Scotland – if you have one of these teams as your team, you will hear a special chant

10. Friendly match mode – you can tweak the game settings to your liking for friendly matches – there is a lot of customization available so dont forget to look at the settings screen.

Friendly Match Setup - Air Soccer Tour

11. In Tournament mode, not all of your game settings will take effect e.g. all tournament matches are 3-minute timed mode matches and are always 3-strikers a side, the fields and balls are fixed for each round, and the skill level is autmatically computed based on the FIFA rank of the opponent team.

12. Tournament mode starts with the 16-team knockout round and goes to quarter final, semi final and final. So you have to win 4 matches in a row to win the tournament. The matches between the computer teams are decided based on their respective fifa ranking and some luck factor so Spain wont win over Italy every time. Of course match progress and tournament progress is automatically saved on game de-activation or game exit, so you can resuem whenever you want.

Tournament Progress - Air Soccer Tour

13. Tournaments can be created in two ways: If you choose Random Squad – you will be put in a 16 team squad that is rather easy to play since the squad will have only 1 “World-Class” level team, 3 “Professional” level teams, 7 “Amateur” level teams and 4 “Beginner” level teams. But if you think thats too easy for you, you can choose Top Squad – which will mean 5 “World Class” level teams and 11 “Professional” level teams in the squad to compete with.

Create Tournament - Air Soccer Tour

14. During the tournament, if the goals scored are a draw within the alotted 3-minute match time – the game will enter Sudden Death mode. In sudden death mode  – goalie takes on goalie i.e. 1-striker a side . The first team that scores win the match. So please practice for it in friendly match mode by going to game settings and changing strikers per team to 1.

Game Play - Air Soccer Tour

We would like to transition over all our existing Air Soccer players to the new enhanced Air Soccer Tour game so please spread the word and send us email, or leave commenst here for any future wish list and feature requests 🙂

Finally, I would like to extend special thanks to several people who played Air Soccer and emailed at with their valuable suggestions for the new game, and helped with testing of the new game.

Listed under “Special Credits”. 🙂

Credits - Air Soccer Tour

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