Air Soccer Tour – 4 months revenue statistics

It has been 4 months since Air Soccer Tour  my first WP7 Mango game has been in the marketplace. I initially started (september 2011) with an ad based free version and then released a paid version with no ads in December 2011.

Overall Usage Statictics

  • Total sessions                 – 492364
  • Only 90,000 sessions in North America, 307866 Europe
  • Avg Daily Sessions         – 7300
  • Avg Daily Active users   – 2500
  • Median session length  –  5 minutes

PAID Air Soccer Tour 

  • Total Revenue               – $275
  • Total downloads           – 130

Development story of Air Soccer Tour XNA

FREE Air Soccer Tour

I am using MS Pubcenter as the ad network – and using the XNA AD Control.

  • Total Ad Impressions – 2,961,003
  • Ad Revenue                  –  $1303
  • eCPM                             – $0.44
  • Total clicks on Ads      – 19023
  • Total downloads            –  42905
  • Avg Daily Impressions – 30,000

  Development Story of Air Soccer Tour Silverlight

I am also using AdDuplex for cross promotion of my game – with some monetization i.e. $19 worth to be exact:). But it promotes my app in other wp7 games around 1000,000 times a month and I receive 300 clicks per day from AdDuplex users which is awesome.

The troubling part is that the eCPM 0.44 is reaaaaallly low. My game is not bad in terms of daily usage and ad impressions. One reason for that would be that in teh overall usage statistics its evident that the sessions in North America (USA more specifically) is only 20% of the total sessions. And last time I checked the XNA Ad control is providing $0.00 eCPM for european countries.

Overall only 1,501,089  new ads returned from pubcenter as compared to 1,350,305 no ads.   I am hoping that thsi year MS Pub center will really spread and provide more inventory outside the US – or I have to develop a game that is really a hit in the US 🙂

I wish my eCPM was over $2 like some other developers – especially Elbert Perez 🙂 The genius that has taken over the WP7 Marketplace with his 10+ games 🙂

Recently I have been porting over Air Soccer to Windows 8 and submitted it to the First Apps contest. Air Soccer W8 has been selected as a finalist in the competition. Final judgement will be conducted in 2nd week of February 🙂

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2 comments on “Air Soccer Tour – 4 months revenue statistics
  1. chris says:

    Nice post dude. How did you find out that eCPM is $0.00 outside USA? We have been getting decent revenue for ads served in other countries.

    • Imran Shafiq says:

      You can actually run a pubcenter report and see impressions / eCPM / revenue per country. I think I only get eCPM for USA, UK, Canada and 1 more country I don’t remember. The problem is that 80% of my impressions are from Europe. especially I have a huge German fan base. I was getting eCPM from all over when my game was in Silverlight and I used SL AD Control. As soon as I switched to XNA – I get 0 eCPM in europe. Weird!

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