Air Soccer Metro – Windows 8 – Final Submission

Update: Air Soccer won the Windows 8 First App Competition

Read gameplay instructions and Air Soccer Windows 8 Tutorial Video
Download Air Soccer Tour WP7

Download Air Soccer Windows 8


Submitted my final entry for the Windows 8 Metro First Apps Content last night. The results will be announced in about 2 weeks.

Read Air Soccer Metro – First Entry with Development Story

Air Soccer is a port of my WP7 game Air Soccer Tour.

After Air Soccer made it into the final round, I worked quiet a bit on Air Soccer to polish it enough for the final submission and got the latest build of Windows 8 Consumer preview which we cant talk about at this time 🙂 But I will say, I am very excited about the future of Windows 8 and the Metro App Development opportunity. I think WinRT is a masterpiece in the making 🙂

So here is the screenshot tale for Air Soccer Metro:

1. Metro Splash screen

Air Soccer Metro Windows 8 – Splash screen

2. Main Menu Screen

Air Soccer Metro – Windows 8 – Main Menu

3. Team Selection Screen

Team selection screen uses the new Windows 8 Metro capability called SemanticZoom. In sematic zoom control you have two views of your data. Zoomed and Zoomedout. You have the same data source and you have to decide how to display it in both modes. The user can use the zoom/pinch gesture to switch between the two views OR they can select a group on the zoomed-out view to jump to the zoomed-in section of the selcted group. In my case it was rather simple – the user can choose a team from the 90 available teams – so it was easy to group them into continents.

I used Semantic zoom in regular views as well as snapped view.

Air Soccer Metro - Windows 8 - Team Selection zoom out snapped

Air Soccer Metro – Windows 8 – Team Selection zoom out
Air Soccer Metro – Windows 8 – Team Selection zoom in

4. Field & Ball selection

These two pages use the usual GridView control in full views and ListView in snapped view

Air Soccer Metro - Windows 8 - Soccer fields

Air Soccer Metro – Windows 8 – Soccer balls

5. Settings charm

All game settings were moved to settings charm, since thats another capability (metro principle) you have to take advantage of. This way users know across all apps where to look for settings.

Air Soccer Metro - Windows 8 - Settings charm

6. Gameplay screen

Gameplay is available in Landscape, Portrait as well as snapped view. I think its really important to think about the snapped view. If you can provide full experience thats awesome, but in some apps/games it may not be feasible at all so you have to be creative to decide how would a user benefit from the snapped view of your app/game.

Air Soccer Metro - Windows 8 - Gameplay

Air Soccer Metro – Windows 8 – Gameplay in portrait

Air Soccer Metro - Windows 8 - Gameplay in snapped

Overall Experience:

Working on Air Soccer Metro was a great experience – very fulfilling when the app started coming together and got polished along the way with awesome support from the Microsoft First Apps support staff. I still have a long way to go to be able to “imagine” apps metro style, but I am sure with the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft will release better documentation and provide many more samples to help us achieve the Metro target.

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3 comments on “Air Soccer Metro – Windows 8 – Final Submission
  1. […] Apps Contest and open the Windows 8 Store as well for general public. I am very excited and hoping Air Soccer will make it into the top 8 apps for Windows 8 so I can get my hands on a shiny new Windows 8 […]

  2. Eaden says:

    how can i make na ID on air soccer ferver?

    • Imran Shafiq says:

      You can make ID in Air Soccer Fever for WIndows Phone 7 only. ID feature is not available on Windows 8 at this time. I am working on an update for Windows 8 to add leaderboards and user profile etc.
      On WP7 just tap the “profile” button at the top on the main menu screen. Watch this “air soccer tour” video, its still applicable to the new game Air Soccer Fever for WP7:

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