Windows 8 First Apps Contest Results

Please note that we have released real time online multiplayer version “Air Soccer Fever”. Download for free and have lots of fun🙂

Realtime Multiplayer is coming to Windows 8 soon.

Download Air Soccer Windows 8

Read gameplay instructions and Air Soccer Windows 8 Tutorial Video

Windows 8 First App Contestants Board

Air Soccer Metro

Contest Winners

Air Soccer Metro
Windows 8 First Apps Contest Winners

Interview with the Microsoft Team

Dangling Neuron @ Microsoft Interview

Air Soccer Metro link to Windows Store

Microsoft Build Contest Page with all the winning entries

Microsoft Windows 8 Page Sinofsky Announcing Contest Winners

Microsoft Blog Discussing All Winning Entries

Youtube video with Windows 8 First Apps Contest Winners..

Air Soccer in the Press:

Air Soccer on USA Today

Air Soccer on

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10 comments on “Windows 8 First Apps Contest Results
  1. Agha says:

    Congratulations man!

  2. Amir says:

    congratzzzzz Imran bhai !!

  3. Ahsan Yasin says:

    BRAVO … !!!

  4. […] Air Soccer Metro – Windows 8 – Final Submission Posted: February 19, 2012 in Uncategorized, Windows 8 Tags: Air Soccer, Metro, Windows 8, WinRT 1 Update: Air Soccer won the Windows 8 First App Competition […]

  5. […] 29th, 2012 was a big milestone for us when we released Air Soccer for Windows 8 and it won the Microsoft First Apps Contest for Windows […]

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