Air Soccer Fever

Air Soccer Fever – Realtime dynamic online multiplayer – Absolutely FREE – Need I say more 🙂

Air Soccer Fever - WP7

Air Soccer Fever - WP7

We are discontinuing our previous successful WP7 game Air Soccer Tour. Air Soccer Tour was downloaded 80,000 times in the last 6 months. With an average 4.3 out of 5 rating worldwide. Many reviewers have rated it “Excellent”, “Fantastic” and “One of the best games on WP7”. So what do we do to top that?!

For the last 2 months, we have been working on Air Soccer Fever – Realtime Online Multiplayer version of our successful WP7 game Air Soccer Tour.

I am happy to announce that the private beta is over and we submitted the game for Microsoft certification. Microsoft certified the game in less than 3 days – I have to say WOW, MS Rocks!! Download for FREE and Let the Games Begin.

It is probably one of the first realtime dynamic multiplayer games on the WP7 marketplace.

List of Features:

  • 1-Player friendly match against the device
  • 2-Player friendly match on the same device
  • Tournament Mode
  • Multiplayer match over local WiFi to play with family and friends
  • Multiplayer match over the internet to play against anyone in the world
  • 4 leaderboards – Match, Goals, Tournament, Multiplayer
  • 10 Achievements
  • 12 Soccer fields
  • 5 Soccer balls
  • 94 Teams to choose from
  • 6 team specific crowd chants
  • 1 generic crowd chant
  • Menu music and gameplay sound effects


Some old first generation WP7 devices have an issue that makes multiplayer unplayable. Please do not try multiplayer if you have HTC Surround. There maybe a few other old devices that may have that issue. The issue is that these old devices delay sending over network information for over a second. That is un-acceptable for online gameplay. So now you have another excuse to upgrade to a brand new Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC Titan II 🙂 I am rooting for the sexy Nokia Lumia 900 !!

Air Soccer Fever - Main Menu

Air Soccer Fever - Main Menu

Your team flag is shown in the top left corner. By default a team is assigned to you based on your region. However you can switch your team anytime. Just tap on the team flag and a complete list of available team will appear. Tap to choose your team from the list. Swipe up/down to scroll the list.

You cannot switch your team while a tournament is in progress.

Air Soccer Fever - Select your team

Air Soccer Fever - Select your team

Please provide feedback using the feedback button – tell us about any issues you see or request a new feature.

Dont forget to give us a 5-star rating and mention good things about the game in review so we can continue providing Air Soccer Fever for FREE 🙂

Go through the help screens to understand the gameplay.

There are a bunch of settings provided to tweak the gameplay to your liking. Go through all settings.

Air Soccer Fever - Game Menu

Air Soccer Fever - Game Menu

Select from 5 different gameplay modes.

For local WiFi – you and your friend has to be connected to the same WiFi hotspot. Also the WiFi hot spot should have Multicast feature enabled – this is provided on all new WiFi devices. Just tap WiFi – read the instructions and then Join local lobby. When you see your friend appear in the lobby, tap his flag/name to start the match.

For online over the Internet – we recommend that you play online while connected to a WiFi with internet. But you can also play online using your mobile provider internet. However, the lag may vary.

Please understand that due to the nature of online gaming – you may see lag in the gameplay depending on how good your and your opponents connection is to the online server. The online server is currently hosted in Europe (Amsterdam).

If you are in US and playing against someone in Australia, you may see lag in the game. But we are working hard to improve that and will introduce servers across the globe based on the number of players playing online.

Air Soccer Fever - Online options

Air Soccer Fever - Online options

You can join the online lobby in two ways. By default we have the “Auto Match” selected. If you join the online lobby with Auto Match – the game wil try to find an available match for you and automatically start the match if a match is found. If a match is not found, your match is created and you will have to wait for an opponent to join the match.

If you switch to “Manual Match”, you will be taken to the online lobby where you will have to wait for other matches to appear. Once you see an available match, you can tap on it to join it and start the match.

Air Soccer Fever - Manual online match

Air Soccer Fever - Manual online match

As you can see in the online lobby a player is connected from US and you can tap on it to start a match. You will be able to see the opponent’s team flag and his start-rating to show you his success rate. You will also see his lag which is 65 millisconds. Anything under 100 milliseconds is OK:) but you can play upto 300 milliseconds – expect laggy gameplay though.

At the bottom you will see your lag as well as the number of players in lobby and any matches in progress.

On this screen you can either tap an already availabel match OR create your match and wait for an opponent to join.

Air Soccer Fever - Gameplay start

Air Soccer Fever - Gameplay start

As the match begins, you will see the opponent player name and his team on the left (top end of the phone), your player name and team on the right (bottom end of the phone) and the match lag in the middle. Here 96 milliseconds means teh time it takes to send a message from your phone to teh opponents phone. Anything under 100 milliseconds is OK.

You will also notice that we have slowed down the gameplay in multiplayer mode to provide consistent gameplay.

Air Soccer Fever - Gameplay Lag

Air Soccer Fever - Gameplay Lag

You will see prompts during the gameplay if the lag is too much for a smooth gameplay. You will still be able to play but you will have to time your shots at the ball accordingly.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the gameplay halts for a bit if the opponents phone or connection is slow and your phone is waiting on a sync message.

Usually the game will resume in 1-2 seconds. But if it doesnt, give it about 5-7 seconds before you decide to quit the match.

Air Soccer Fever - Gameplay

Air Soccer Fever - Gameplay

Multiplayer matches will always be timed matches (3 minutes) and game speed will be automatically set to “slow”, striker count will be set to 3 per team/player.

Please note the turn indicators – you can swipe one of your strikers to take a shot at the ball only when your strikers are highlighted and you see the white boundary rotating around your strikers. In the above screenshot, USA strikers are active and hence ready for user input.

Multiplayer matches cannot be paused. Even if you tap the back button, the gameplay will continue. If you quit out of the match, the opponent will receive a forfeit message.

If you receive a phone call during the match, the match will be forfeited.

Multiplayer matches cannot be “saved” and “resumed” if you exit out of the game. However save and resume are still available for 1-player, 2-player and tournament matches.

So – please download the game and play online to deliver virtual humiliation to your opponents doorstep 🙂

Our next target is to bring multiplayer to our Windows 8 game “Air Soccer Metro”. And the kicker is that users on WP7 devices will be able to compete with users on Windows 8 devices. 🙂 So stay tuned!!

What to Expect in Online Multiplayer Gameplay:

To set your expectations and Our request to you:

Realtime Multiplayer games have many challenges especially on a phone device. Gameplay lag depends on your phone model, your internet connection (ping time – latency, not speed – bandwidth), how far you are from the game server, your opponents phone model, his connection, his distance from the game server etc. If you have a brand new Nokia Lumia 900 but your opponnent has the old 1st gen HTC Surround, your gameplay will be unbearable. First Request: please dont play multiplayer if you have on old first generation WP7 device. We have the game server in Netherlands for now. If you are in US and playing against someone in Timbaktu – not that we have anything against Timbaktu 🙂 – your gameplay will be bad. Second Request: Play against Europeans – you can choose your opponent in manual match lobby mode. If you are playing on a very high latency mobile provider internet connection, your gameplay experience will be bad. We suggest you look at the lag indicator we show in lobby and in game. The max gameplay lag should be 300 milliseconds – you will see lots of jitter and delay even with that. Best gameplay should be under 60 milliseconds lag. Third Request: Play the online match for 20 seconds if you think its unplayable, just tap the back button and quit the match and join another one. If you get 7 good matches out of 10, be happy! 🙂 Final Request: when you go to rate/review the game, please consider that its not just a multiplayer game, it has 5 gameplay modes. play the other modes too. and its FREE 🙂 and you can write me an email if you are frustrated due to lag 🙂


Thanks to our Beta Testers for their patience with early buggy releases 🙂

Air Soccer Fever - Credits

Air Soccer Fever - Credits

Most of all Thanks to ExitGames Photon framework for making realtime multiplayer possible. More on that in a detailed development blog later 🙂

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8 comments on “Air Soccer Fever
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  4. Me! says:

    I love the game! – play it alot and I have some suggestions for you

    When you play multiplayer.. the points rewarded should be calculated based on your opponents points.. as it is now the one that plays the most will have most points.. so us mortal people with actual lives have no chance to be #1 on the ranking list.

    Also when people disconnect or whatever, sometimes the game just freezes while saying “Slow connection! Waiting for sync…” my suggestion is that should be a timer of 1 min at the most.

    • Imran Shafiq says:

      Thank you so much for your comments and feedback. I will definitely look into both issues. Make sure you are on latest version which in v1.2 at this point

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