Air Soccer Fever – Technology Roundup

We just released Air Soccer Fever – the first dynamic realtime online multiplayer game for WP7. And 36 hours after release, we have 100 reviews already worldwide avg 4.7 out of 5, 2300 online matches have been played.

I will be doing a detailed development blog on Air Soccer Fever specifically on multiplayer games with networked physics. But till then here is a round-up of technologies used in Air Soccer Fever. It has taken me almost a year to play around with and choose these, so hopefully it will help other WP7 Developers:

Note: if you see the word Awesome under a technology/tool/framework, that’s because it really is awesome 🙂

Air Soccer Fever WP7 Mango + XNA

Awesome FREE ad control from Microsoft for use in your apps/games for revenue generation. You can run regular and custom reports to see how your ads are doing and how much revenue is getting generated.

Awesome FREE cross promotion ad control. AdDuplex gave over 1 million impressions to Air Soccer Tour every month in cross promotion. Now thats marketing 🙂 Very easy to integrate and it provides you with daily stats of how your app is doing as far as impressions, clicks is concerned. e.g. Air Soccer Tour ad got 12000+ clicks every month from AdDuplex.

Awesome FREE analytics tool, I cant say enough about this tool. Pretty elaborate dashboards. Now with custom dashboarding capability and event funnels. So basically, if you want to know how many users downloaded your app, how many users are using/playing your game every day, how many new users were added to your user pool today, how many sessions were played, average session length, user retention, error logs and much much more.

You can do custom events in it so e.g. I know how many people choose USA as their team in Air Soccer, How many people play against Beginner level AI etc

And for the OCD freaks like myself, Flurry also tells me when my app was tested after submission 😉

Very easy to integrate into your WP7 application.

Awesome FREE social gaming tool, provides leaderboards, challenges, game items etc Easy to integrate.

Awesome FREE & Open source library for physics based simulations and games. You can make angry birds with this gem 🙂

Awesome FREE & Open source library for particle effects in your game

When I started thinking about multiplayer Air Soccer. I read a lot of articles online to get a feel of how I would accomplish that and I read this one line somewhere “Network gameplay implementation is the Holy Grail of game programming” And with over 2 months of hard work I say Yes, That is True.

But how did it happen: Give a warm Welcome to Photon by Exit Games – which pulled me through the implementation. I can’t even use the word Awesome for it cuz its Uber-Awesome. I will do a detailed blog on multiplayer stuff and what I have learnt over long nights of implementation trial and error which of course resulted in constant nagging from my better half that deserves a blog post of its own ;).

ExitGames licensing is very developer friendly. And integration is very easy i.e. If you know what you are doing 🙂 samples for WP7 are available.

Other resources you definitely want to look into:

You will find most of the stuff you need here, just go through the relevant samples here. When I started Air Soccer I took so much code from these samples that Microsoft has put together for developers. Look at GameStateManegement sample and UI Controls sample in particular.

Cool FREE WP7 App that lets me see worldwide reviews on my game when I wake up in the middle of the night and have the urge to see whats new… I know.. what can I say 😛

Distimo Monitor is an awesome FREE tool that you will use to see all reviews, all sales, all downloads by country etc. Its basically similar in function to your WP7 App Hub Account dashboard but the UI is much better with many options/filters. Also you can use the FREE ZTop or Zune Top tool for reviews, I use it to see reviews of competition 😉

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