Air Soccer Fever – 2 Weeks Statistics

Air Soccer Fever has been a blast. Its been 16 days since we released the original version 1.0 and then updated v1.1 to fix some issues. If you need real time online multiplayer game for your WP7 device, look no further – We have you covered with Air Soccer Fever. Download for FREE and destroy your online opponents.

Game Statistics:

  • 13000 downloads so far
  • 2500 unique daily active users and going UP 🙂
  • 600+ new users getting added daily (daily new downloads)
  • 9000 daily sessions
  • 4.5 minutes median session length
  • 32000 real time online multiplayer matches played
  • 1500 local WLAN multiplayer matches played

There are still about 4000 daily unique active users on previous game Air Soccer Tour and I am hoping they will update soon to the new multi player version.

For now 2500 players play Air Soccer Fever real time multiplayer daily and this will keep increasing. I have seen up to 12 concurrent online matches being played i.e 24 concurrent online players.

Real time Multiplayer Port for Windows 8 Air Soccer is coming by Mid May which will enable WP7 vs W8 matches and that will increase the number of online players for sure 🙂

Game Reviews:

Our previous game Air Soccer Tour had accumulated 1700 worldwide reviews/ratings in 6 months, avg 4.46 stars out of 5.

Air Soccer Fever is receiving awesome response from the players. In just 16 days it has received 500 ratings worldwide averaging 4.55 stars out of 5. It does get the occasional 1 and 2 star because some players get one laggy match and don’t give it a chance to see all the different gameplay modes. But over all,  5 star reviews are keeping it up 🙂 reviews like “Best WP7 game of the year” are very encouraging.

Phone Model Statistics:

  • Nokia Lumia 800 tops the list with 30% sessions played
  • Nokia Lumia 710 takes second place with 22% sessions played
  • HTC 7 Mozart is third with 7% sessions played
  • HTC HD7 is fourth with 6% sessions played
  • Nokia Lumia 900 at 14th position slowly gaining momentum with 1% sessions played

Ad Revenue:

Daily Total impressions (Air Soccer Tour + Air Soccer Fever) are now averaging over 65000. eCPM oscillates between 0.7 to 1.4. So daily revenue is between $45 and $90. For a lucky couple days it did break the $100 ceiling 🙂

MS Pubcenter is awesome for US/UK/Canada etc. But not so much in Europe. I am experimenting with some backfill – other ad options for Europe because a significant user base for Air Soccer Tour/Fever is in Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Russia etc)

From the other ad providers daily revenue is between $10 to $15. Which is no comparison to  Pub center but its better than nothing.

So total ad revenue oscillates between $50 & $100.

Thank you players, keep playing and keep clicking on the ads to support this free game. More updates coming soon to allow for private matches and also multiplayer against Windows 8 devices 🙂

Developers Corner:

I talked about the development of Air Soccer Fever on the awesome WP7 Dev Podcast now known as The Metro Show.

Episode 63 – Hugs Not Drugs

Audio recording of the show, Air Soccer Fever discussion starts at 27:00.


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