Air Soccer Fever WP7 vs Windows 8

[UPDATE: New HIDEF Video of Air Soccer Fever WP7 vs Windows 8]

Air Soccer Fever is the first realtime online multiplayer game for Windows Phone 7. As promised I am very close to finishing up Air Soccer Fever real-time online multiplayer on Windows 8. This allows several combinations in multiplayer: WP7 vs WP7, WP7 vs W8, W8 vs W8 🙂

I received the latest build for Windows 8 and Visual Studio from Microsoft, and I am compelled to say AMAZZZING. Both Win8 and VS11 look outstanding and very stable. The port process from consumer preview to latest W8 build was painless, thanks to the migration document that came with. This is just a start and I am really impressed with the capabilities both WP7 and Windows 8 enable and the opportunities for developers and hence users due to the synergy Microsoft is building across their technologies.

Now if only I could get XBOX live access for both WP7 and Windows 8 so I can provide a seamless experience for gamer tags, leaderboards, achievements etc I hope someone from Microsoft is reading! 🙂 I currently use Scoreloop on WP7 game and there is no social gaming API for Windows8 and I sooo want to get access to XBOX Live for both WP7 and W8.

The screenshot below shows the online lobby on a windows phone 7 device. As you can see we have two people online with matches created. The first icon shows the connection strength (ping latency), the second icon shows the device they are connected from – in the screenshot the first player is connected using Windows 8 device while the second player is connected from Windows Phone 7 device. The third icon is a new feature I just added – the capability to create private matches with a password that you will share with your firend so only he can join the macth.

Air Soccer Fever - WP7 vs Windows 8 - Online Multiplayer

Air Soccer Fever – WP7 vs Windows 8 – Online Multiplayer

This next screenshot is the online lobby for multiplayer on Windows 8 device showing one created match from windows 8 and one from windows phone 7

Air Soccer Fever - Realtime Online Multiplayer - Windows 8 vs WP7

Air Soccer Fever – Realtime Online Multiplayer – Windows 8 vs WP7

The Windows 8 store is currently closed and will re-open once Microsoft releases the latest Windows 8 build in June first week I hope. I will be submitting the finished app as soon as the store is ready. Till then watch this teaser video of multiplayer game between Windows 8 vs WP7 – kinda low quality. Choose the video at the top for HD.

Also don’t laugh watching me fumble between two devices and trying to swipe WP7 team on Windows8 and vice versa… if I could install a multi threaded chip with thread-isolation in my head I would 🙂

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  3. that was amazing!!! superb work by you imran! keep up the good work!

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