Air Soccer Fever on Sony Vaio Tap 20

Download Air Soccer Fever (free) from Windows 8 Store

Download Air Soccer Fever (free) from Windows Phone Store

Download Air Soccer Fever (pro) from Windows Phone Store

Sony has come up with an awesome family Windows 8 PC  (All-in-one) – Vaio Tap 20. Whats amazing is that there are a bunch of videos showcasing Air Soccer Fever on Tap 20.. 🙂

Air Soccer Fever v1.5 is now available on Windows Phone Store as well as Windows 8 store

OFFICIAL Sony Vaio Tap 20 Advertisement showing a soccer match and Air Soccer Fever

Sony Store Tap 20 Device Demo

PocketNow coverage Sony  @ IFA Berlin, Germany

Sony Store Tap 20 Device Demo – Air Soccer Fever gameplay

Minor Appearance

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12 comments on “Air Soccer Fever on Sony Vaio Tap 20
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  2. Jonko says:

    After the latest update the game got some new bugs.:(

  3. Jonko says:

    The game can not start sometimes and crashes sometimes. Also, I can not create a profile. When I enter my information, I get an error message telling me to enter my user name, even though I have completed all fields. The game also doesnt show the score and the time and sometimes I not seen until after 4 fouls a yellow card, sometimes I see a yellow card after the second foul.
    I use Android

    • Imran Shafiq says:

      Jonko: Next time when you see a black screen, just hit the phone power button to lock the screen and then unlock it. You should see the game screen then. Also player profile is known issue I will fix it soon. The cards work based on the opponent team, every team has a FIFA ranking, if you are playing against top team e.g. Germany or Brazil, you will see card every 2 fouls, if you are playing easy team e.g. Nigeria, you will get card every 4 fouls.

  4. Jonko says:

    Thank you

  5. DaiaXDaiaX says:

    How to retrieve profile if i forgot my password?

  6. Peter E says:

    In the game players 2 and 3 should be placed a little mit more centered.
    In the current position you can just score a goal at kickoff and the opponent can not do anything against it. In the online multiplayer nearly everyone does it. It is very anoying.
    I hope this will be changed in the next update.

  7. moutaz says:

    something has changed and am not able to play in the online multiplayer, it is showing zero matches in progress and 1player online

  8. Thiago says:

    Please, where do I get the link to download? It’s not available on windows store.

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