Sea Quest – Teaser video Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android

Took a while but my new game Sea Quest is almost done.. some fine tuning and its off to go on Windows 8 Store, Windows Phone store and Android store…. courtesy of MonoGame 🙂

Submitting for Windows 8 release tomorrow and the other two platforms in a week..  so keep an eye out for it..

With original Art Work and Soundtrack, Sea Quest makes you the commander of a submarine navigating a dangerous ocean to BLOW STUFF UP. You main objective is to pick your scuba divers that are digging gold for you. But deadly sharks, enemy submarines, mine ships and battle ships are out there to get your sub and your scuba divers… Its not as easy as it looks 😉 Thankfully, there are in-game power ups, upgrades via the gold you collect and in-app purchases to make your submarine a stealth destruction machine, so you can put your high score on worldwide leaderboards.






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