Air Soccer Fever in the Next App Star competition

Do you want to win a Nokia Lumia 920? and help Air Soccer Fever win a competition? Today is the last day to vote for round 1. PLEASE vote for Air Soccer Fever here:

When you vote in a round of Windows Phone App Star, Microsoft will add you in the draw for winning a Nokia Lumia 920 as well as other prizes. So take your chance and support the developers 🙂

You can vote by going to this link  or just click the image below. Voting requires a facebook account.

Air Soccer Fever has been selected as one of the 64 apps for the Windows Phone Next App Star competition out of 9000 entries. 64 apps are now up against each other in this first round. Air Soccer Fever is matched up against the “box” app. 32 entries will go to the next round and so on, finally the winner will be featured in an exclusive advertisement on TV.

Air Soccer Fever

Air Soccer Fever

Please vote for your favorite apps in there.. (subliminal message – Air Soccer Fever is your favorite app).

Please note that you will need to logged in to your facebook account to vote. Once you click “begin voting” the facebook page will take you through all matched-up / paired contestants. Good luck 🙂

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5 comments on “Air Soccer Fever in the Next App Star competition
  1. plugarasu cristian stefan says:

    The best. game for windows phone

    • Imran Shafiq says:

      Thank you 🙂 Please make sure you vote for Air Soccer Fever in the competition. And download my second game “Sea Quest” as well. I hope you like that too. Imran.

  2. dawid says:

    I can’t vote

  3. Liandika says:

    This is my favourite Windows 8 games. But why is it so choppy on multiplayer games?

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