Tank Arena – Coming soon to Windows Phone and Windows 8


The Dromedians have invaded our solar system, establishing military bases on the outer planets and getting ready to advance to Earth. You are the only hope for mankind so buckle up, get into your tank and get ready for the war ahead of us.

Tank Arena is now available on Windows Phone 8 AND Windows 8.1

Tank Arena is a SciFi Tank Shooter game where the player will battle Dromedian bot army in arenas across the solar system. The 5 original music tracks will keep you psyched and the missions will keep you hooked!

Tank upgrades (Leopard, Challenger, Wolverine, Hell Cat) and Gun upgrades (Spread, Canon, Seeker) will help you keep up with the increasing difficulty of the missions.

Tank Arena

Tank Arena

The game will be released by December 15th, 2013 on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. The first release will contain 30 missions from the Moon Training Station and later updates will bring in big planetary campaigns.

Enjoy the trailer and get yourself ready for some serious tank battles.

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