Tank Arena – Developer Stats

Tank Arena was released on December 6th, 2013 so its been 4 weeks and the response has been awesome. Getting great reviews from players worldwide. Time for some stats.

Downloads: 96,275

In App Purchases: 197

Rating:  USA  366 ratings 4+ star

@DVLUP campaigns helped a lot with the download count and @DVLUP #MakeAnAppDevHappyDay helped with the reviews. If you are a WPDEV, make sure to check out DVLUP. Tank Arena has also been submitted for Nokia Create contest, lets see how it fares 🙂

Download Tank Arena Windows Phone 8

Download Tank Arena

We are currently working on online multiplayer mode for Tank Arena and prototyping a new game as well 🙂

This puts the total download count across all apps at 2.34 million with Air Soccer Fever being the major contributor. It’s interesting how Tank Arena reached the same download count in 4 weeks that Sea Quest did in 10 months 🙂

Download Stats 2014

Download Stats 2014

Please download and rate our games and let us know how we can improve. The games are available on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

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