Super Polygon for Android and iOS

After a major update to Super Polygon on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1, Super Polygon is now available on Android and iOS. With Super Octagon, Hexagon, Pentagon, Square and Shape Shifting Polygon modes, 4 Visual themes, 3 Visual effects, 6 original Sound tracks and new poly patterns. Free to play with some in-app purchases.

Download from iTunes App Store

Download from Google Play Store 

Download from Windows Phone Store

Download from Windows Store

spu5-octa spu5-hexa spu5-penta2

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4 comments on “Super Polygon for Android and iOS
  1. locksleyu says:

    Briefly looking at the video It’s hard to tell what the objective of the game is like, but the graphics and music are mesmerizing. By the way, how long did this take to develop?

    • Imran Shafiq says:

      Its a minimalist geometric maze.. you control a small triangle around the base in the center.. tap left to rotate left, right to rotate right. the walls closing in on you are patterns, you need to navigate out of them by just rotating the triangle. there are different game boards, square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon. and then game boards that change shape “shape-shifters” from octagon to hexagon, hexagon to pentagon and such.. its very addictive, pretty hard for beginer but once you understand the patterns with practice.. and really get into it.. it gets easier. just download it its free and try it out 🙂

      Oh i see you are iOS user.. wait a few days for iOS release. will read up on your blog for iOS info since I am very new to iOS.. need to know how to promote my games there. Any tips?

      • locksleyu says:

        Thanks for the explanation, sounds fun and challenging! Honestly, I’m learning marketing myself on iOS so don’t have any great tips right now, but I am considering writing a post in the near future about it.

        Are you the main developer for the game? If so, how long did it take to write?

  2. Imran Shafiq says:

    It took 4 months to develop/polish and port to 3 platforms.

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