Imran Shafiq – Founder Dangling Concepts


Enterprise Health IT .Net Architect by profession, Indie Game developer aka Night Ninja Coder 🙂

Started with C++ & DirectX 8 moved onto C#,  XNA and Now using Unity3D for Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Android and iOS. With a total of 7 published games and 4.5 million downloads.

Follow me on twitter:  @danglingneuron

I have won several awards/competitions sponsored by Microsoft, and proud of the Windows 8 worldwide contest.

Like facebook page : Air Soccer Fever on Facebook

14 comments on “About
  1. khalid rasool says:

    AOA bro:

    Many congrats bro for the success.. I was very happy when imtiaz told me about the App contest.

    Khalid Rasool… bro of imtiaz rasool 🙂

  2. Imran Shafiq says:

    Thanks man 🙂

  3. Cristiano says:

    Random question, did you ever follow up on your DirectX attempts? I am having issues with it as well, specifically on my Samsung device. Did you have similar issues with tablets?

    • Imran Shafiq says:

      Do you mean DirectX on Windows 8 Metro in managed mode? Well you should have a look at SharpDX thats awesome .net wrapper for native DirectX> Its now fully Windows 8 Metro compliant but i think its not updated to Consumer Preview yet, the developer needs a couple more weeks.

  4. Franz says:

    Air Soccer for Windows 8 is the best game ever!!!!! Hope for a full version full!

  5. Javier Trelles says:

    Hi Imran, first I like to congratulate you for such an amazing game air soccer fever pro is. My question is how can I retrieve my password because I had re-install the game and want to keep playing with my profile. Please email me to let me know how.
    Thank you

  6. ChiodentusITA says:

    Hi Imran, I can’t remember my password and so I can’t login on new version 2.0.
    May you reset my password ?
    Thanks and congratulations for the game… it’s fantastic !!!

  7. Alberto says:

    excuse me , can you send me the username and pasword for to rescue the profile?i forgot.it.

  8. modemosan says:

    Recently I have changed my device and do not remember the password. I spent lot of my time looking for internet the way to restore it, but theres no help about it. As previous users, could you please send me a new one. Thanks in advanced.

  9. Muhammad Hamza says:

    Keep up the good work . MA 🙂
    I have been trying to get your E-mail but couldn’t find it so I sent a message on Facebook.

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