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Windows 8 First Apps Contest Results

Please note that we have released real time online multiplayer version “Air Soccer Fever”. Download for free and have lots of fun 🙂 Realtime Multiplayer is coming to Windows 8 soon. Download Air Soccer Windows 8 Read gameplay instructions and

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview is here :)

Micorosft published the download link for Windows 8 Consumer Preview . Cant wait to get my hands on the latest build. Hopefully they will also publish the results of the Windows 8 First Apps Contest and open the Windows 8

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Air Soccer Metro – Windows 8 – Final Submission

Update: Air Soccer won the Windows 8 First App Competition Read gameplay instructions and Air Soccer Windows 8 Tutorial Video Download Air Soccer Tour WP7 Download Air Soccer Windows 8   Submitted my final entry for the Windows 8 Metro First

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Porting Air Soccer to Windows 8 – Reached Final Round

Update: Air Soccer for Windows 8 reached Final round of Windows 8 First Apps Contest. I can almost feel a Windows 8 slate in my hands 😉 So I got 2 more weeks i.e. nights of ninja coding to polish it! I cant remember

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