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Tank Arena – Coming soon to Windows Phone and Windows 8

The Dromedians have invaded our solar system, establishing military bases on the outer planets and getting ready to advance to Earth. You are the only hope for mankind so buckle up, get into your tank and get ready for the

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Chess Wars game for Windows 8

Download Chess Wars from Windows 8 store, please  like/vote for this app on Apptivate.MS   Updated Chess Wars Blog Started working on a new game for Windows 8 and have made good progress so far. Chess Wars Logo: Features: 1

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Air Soccer Fever Windows 8 certified

Air Soccer Fever – Windows 8 logo Great News… Air Soccer Fever is now certified for Windows 8.  Kudos to Microsoft certification staff for such a quick turn around. So as soon as Microsoft releases the latest Windows 8 build

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Air Soccer Fever WP7 vs Windows 8

[UPDATE: New HIDEF Video of Air Soccer Fever WP7 vs Windows 8] Air Soccer Fever is the first realtime online multiplayer game for Windows Phone 7. As promised I am very close to finishing up Air Soccer Fever real-time online multiplayer

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Windows 8 First Apps Contest Results

Please note that we have released real time online multiplayer version “Air Soccer Fever”. Download for free and have lots of fun 🙂 Realtime Multiplayer is coming to Windows 8 soon. Download Air Soccer Windows 8 Read gameplay instructions and

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview is here :)

Micorosft published the download link for Windows 8 Consumer Preview . Cant wait to get my hands on the latest build. Hopefully they will also publish the results of the Windows 8 First Apps Contest and open the Windows 8

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Air Soccer Metro – Windows 8 – Final Submission

Update: Air Soccer won the Windows 8 First App Competition Read gameplay instructions and Air Soccer Windows 8 Tutorial Video Download Air Soccer Tour WP7 Download Air Soccer Windows 8   Submitted my final entry for the Windows 8 Metro First

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Porting Air Soccer to Windows 8 – Reached Final Round

Update: Air Soccer for Windows 8 reached Final round of Windows 8 First Apps Contest. I can almost feel a Windows 8 slate in my hands 😉 So I got 2 more weeks i.e. nights of ninja coding to polish it! I cant remember

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