Windows Phone


Super Polygon

  • Latest Version: v1.5
  • Status Active


Hyper Cell

  • Latest Version: v1.4
  • Status Active

Hyper Cell

Tank Arena

  • Latest Version: v1.8
  • Status Active


Air Soccer Fever

  • Latest Version: v3.9
  • Status: Active

Air Soccer Fever
Bit Raid

  • Latest Version: v1.0
  • Status Active

Bit Raid
Sea Quest

  • Latest Version: v1.5
  • Status: Active

Sea Quest

Air Soccer Tour

  • Last Version: v3.5
  • Status: Discontinued
4 comments on “Windows Phone
  1. Darko says:

    Hi guys! Air Soccer is an awesome game, I love it! But, since last update (today), online playing is horrible! It’ stucking all the time, can’t get any game to end.. It’s really frustrating.. Please fix this. Thanks. Darac (Nokia Lumia 900).

    • Imran Shafiq says:

      Yeh. something is not right today… I will check to see if I can do something about it.

      • Darko says:

        Hey, what’s going on? Your Message ‘we work on fixing the disconnection issues’ is gone, but the the problem is still there. Can’t remember the last time to finish a match until end.. Even I get disconnected or my opponent, every single match..

  2. Christian says:

    Buenas noches, quisiera saber, alguien pueda indicarme como recuperar el puntaje y ranking ya que desinstale la aplicación por accidente y al volver a instalar no me permite cargar una dirección de email, y no sumo puntos ni tengo ranking. Solo puedo jugar pero sin lograr avances. Gracias. Saludos.

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